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    A transformative gameworld that empowers mothers and families by providing a whole, contexted, foundational, evolutive, way of supporting each other.

    Ready to play?

  • Revolutionizing team play & support for mothers

    In this times of great transformation, a new culture is being created: Initiated Adult Man and Woman collaborating as equals, taking responsibility by creating new possibilities for our world.

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    Map to playing together

    How do we get to sustainably work together and thrive as mothers?

    It hasn't been easy. Current possibilities:

    Move back with parents.

    Joining government support programs. Birthing. Housing. Early childhood. Education.

    Finding a community.

    Minimalize life.

    The current model of society and culture is designed to segregate and exploit all forms of life, one by one, destroying life on Earth, our wellbeing is not part of the design considerations. We are left in the dark with no other way or alternative to live our lifes, no other way to gain back control of our authority, victims to the confusion and illusory world being played before us. 

    Context change. Bridge. What changes?

    What changes is the game that we play.

    Identifying the context. Developing game distinctions for clarity and communication. Working together, feedback, coaching. Creating a new regenerative culture is not about changing our fighting against the game that we were playing before (capitalism patriarchy), is about creating and playing your own game that has a different context completely, changing our relationship with the world and how we relate with other gameworlds. 

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    Switching the current context

    From capitalist, patriarchal, rape culture, to creating our own regenerative culture.

    How big is the switch?

    What do we keep?

    What do we get rid of?

    Become a bridge

    Detecting contamination of context

    Get your authority back. Who's making decisions for you? Who owns you? Who do you own?

    From owning, using and controlling (yourself, others, resources, ideas, etc), to being a channel for bright principles and archetypal forces to do their work.

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    Enjoy the Journey

    Elements, transformations, cycles

    When you enter the Mamas Weaving Loom, your entering a space of transformation, evolution, learning and support. Entering a Loom is entering into a cycle that has a begining and has an end, each cycle takes you through 5 different elemental transformations, 4 different teams, 4 different roles, last, you are released from the Loom with new life changing experiences. 

    You enter and play in the Loom as one of the 4 Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water. Each Element has a different role in your Loom:

    The Fire Element is the spark, they bring in the monetary resources to the Loom, they breathe Fire into the space, give it life and make movement and transformations possible. For Mamas Weaving Loom, the Fire Element is required to give $300 to join the Loom. When the 8 Fires are complete ($300×8=$2400), the money goes to the Water and the transformations take another step. 

    The Air Element takes care of communications, language, expressing the joy of being alive, of being part of a transformational team and experience, of being an Adult playing in a gameworld where you imagine that you're a bird singing your joy. The Air Element attracts new Fire Elements to join the Loom by becoming bridges from thd outside world to the inside world, from the context of the narrative that humanity is being fed that is exterminating life on Earth, to the context of next culture regenerative Gaian Gameworlds support transformational teams.

    The Earth Element is the platform that holds the space for the Loom to feel stable, to have a surface, solid ground, stability, bringing grounding to the work of the other elements by asking the scary question and landing distinctions in the space that bring clarity to the team about Possibilities, Radical Responsibility, fantasy illusion worlds, suicidal paths.

    The Water Element is the central element of the Loom, is the receiver, flowing through the Earth, moved by the winds, warmed by the fire. Water is the dreamer and the dream, has gone through 4 different elemental transformations and is at the end of her cycle in the Loom. Water receives the money from the 8 Fire Elements, the 4 Air Elements are inspired to support the Water, the 2 Earth Elements are a platform for the Water. The Water is the focal point of the Loom. The Loom comes together to support the Water.

    Each Element goes through Elemental Transformations, moving them from one Element to the next, from the outside of the Loom, to the center. You start as 1 of the 8 Fire Elements, changing to 1 of the 4 Air Elements, then changing to 1 of the 2 Earth Elements, next changing to the central Water Element, and last, evaporating into space returning to Source, Spirit Element, an Initiated Element of Transformation, an Elemental Alchemist Expermienter.

    Level 1: Fire. Anger.
    Level 2: Air. Joy.
    Level3: Earth. Fear. 
    Level 4: Water. Sadnness. 
    Level 5: Source. Love.

    Going from Fire, to Air, to Earth, to Water, to Source, completes your cycle of playing in the Loom. Give, Share, Support, Receive, Let go. Nothing is stoping a free element from joining again into a new Loom to start a new cycle of transformations, opening up possibilities for continuous support, infinite playing, practicing of your roles, receiving support, different teams, and even other Loom games like Land Back Loom, Transform Smoking Loom, or even creating your own Loom with a different context.
  • How to play?

    Full on, hands on, the game is on, you're welcome to join. Every game has rules, guidelines, boundaries, distinctions, context, 

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    1) why am I doing this?

    Write down in your Loom book the reasons why you are doing this, why you are seeking connecting with other mothers for supporting each other? what is your motivation? what moves you to join?

    The context of this gameworld is not based on the same context as modern cultures gameworld. Modern culture games are based on competition, I win, you loose, you win, i loose, kind of games, these are the ways of the patriarchal empire of capitalism, enslaving, raping, exploiting culture, in which we are at constant battle against nature, surviving, fighting evil.

    The times have come when we become ready to emerge into something new, something exciting and meaningful, something that makes sense of all the nonsense we are surrounded with.

    A new culture is emerging from an authentic context where we take responsibility for the games that we play in life. The main games that we play in modern culture are owning, hoarding/accumulating/collecting, rescuing/saving the world/playing low drama triangle, these games ultimately lead us to division, war, hierarchies, slavery, chains of power, exploitation of nature and others. In a regenerative culture you take back your responsibility of the games that you play by creating your own gameworlds, even your own nation with your own customs and regenerative ways.

    Switching and agreeing on the context is not something that is done easily in these times, as there's a sea of other contexts that can easily and likely contamintate the context of the spaces you are choosing to create. As spaceholder of this gameworld you get to experience how to set the context for this gameworld and land distinctions in the space that bring clarity about something.

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    2) Find your team

    this could be an existing Mamas Weaving Loom team, or it could be a brand new team. If you're starting a brand new team, read about the Magic Water, the process of creating a new Loom. 

    If you're joining an existing Loom team, follow your team's instructions to join, they'll point you in the bright direction. Go ahead and read about the Loom cycle.

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    3) Game on

    You got your team. Each one of you got your roles. Create possibility together for attracting Fire Elements to your Loom, this is other mamas that want to play and be part of the revolution, mamas that want to learn.
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    4) Create your plan

    Meeting plan for playing your Loom:

    1. Welcome to the Loom. Your Loom team welcomes you to the game. Introducing the team members and their roles. This meeting takes place within the following 24 hours after you join the Loom as a Fire Element by providing $300. You are initiated as a Fire Element by the Air Element that invited you in, or by the Magic Water if this is a brand new Loom.

  • The journey of the magic water

    How to start a Mamas Weaving Loom from thin air in your location.

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    How did the magic water get magic?

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    Warming up the magic water

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    Boiling the magic water

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    Evaporating the magic water

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    Damp Air

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    Nanocompressed Earth 

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    New Waters

  • Contact us

    Weather you're interested starting a Loom, joining one or getting more information, we're happy to hear from you. Help us create this regenerative gameworld.

  • Gameworld context

    The Context of this Loom gameworld is completely different than the gameworlds of the modern culture based on competition, and survival, 

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